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Jiwa Menari @ La Bomba – Jan 28th 2011 – (Event)

Want a chance to DANCE on AXN?

Experience the most innovative and exciting dance event to hit the shores of Malaysia! Jiwa Menari, or ‘Soul Dance’ in English, describes the emotions evoked from the music translated into the moves of the dancer.

…Jiwa Menari is just as much a celebration of dance as it is a competition. Even non-participants will be encouraged to participate in the Pesta Jiwa to celebrate the art of dance in Malaysia and to give all dancers a space to party, meet other dancers and have a good time!

The Goal: to find the most well rounded dancers in KL and the Klang Valley and award them for their talent!

Jiwa Menari will encompass Four stages:

1.The Dance Off – All participants will gather on the dance floor, with each dancer assigned a numbered sticker. The Dance Off will have an open format: the music played will comprise a variety of genres spanning from Hip Hop to Jazz to Salsa to Rock, allowing each dancer to dance their own style to the music. Versatility will be key to the Dance Off!
Note: Dancers are allowed to audition in pairs, but will be judged individually.

2.The Jiwa Line – Adapted from the classic 70′s show Soul Train, the top 12 participants advancing from the Dance Off (6 male, 6 female) will form two lines. Pairs will form at the top of the train and will dance down the line together to show off their moves.

3.The Cypher – In the style of an old skool Hip Hop dance circle, the top 6 dancers will take turns in the center to strut their stuff with the music of their choice playing for the allotted time.

4.Pesta Jiwa –Marking the end of the competition and the beginning of the after party, the winners(one male, one female) and contestants will lead the crowd into the “Soul Fiesta” to storm the dance floor as the DJ spins a wide variety of dance music for all to enjoy and boogie on down!

The Competition

● The competition is open to all dancers, both professional and amateur. Participation from all styles of dance is encouraged, though versatile competitors who are able to adapt their styles to different genres and music will have an added advantage!

● The judges will be instructors and professional dancers. In the event of an equal score, a tie-breaker round may be held and judged by audience cheer.

● There will be two winners crowned, the Best Male & Best Female who will kick off the Pesta Jiwa celebration and perform an impromptu pair-dance for the entire crowd.

● The music played for the Dance Off and Jiwa Line will be a combination of song selections by the dancers as well as the DJ. While the Cypher will feature the pre-selected song for the prepared solo of the top 6 dancers competing.

● Winners will receive prizes from our sponsors and footage of the competition will be featured through coverage of the event by AXN.

● Expect exciting performances from dancers/dance schools and local hip hop artists.
● We will also have an awesome DJ and Emcee to keep the crowd entertained and pumped throughout the night!