The Move Mint


The CRIB Show Xmas Edition [Podcast]

Happy Holidays to everyone out there far and near! It’s been already been 32 Episodes of The CRIB Show and in the spirit of the festive season The MoveMint would like to share with you the podcast from last nights how on Aforadio. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year![...]

The Mixtape – Shigga Shay (Mixtape)

The fire is burning down in Singapore and I seen Shigga Shay running through the streets with a torch in his hand.. or was it a mic? Check out his Mixtape to catch that Shigga Shay vibe! Download – Shigga Shay The Mixtape

The Srik Tape – Srik (Audio)

My man is bringing the underground flavour to India with the first official Indian Hip Hop Mixtape! Download – The Srik Tape – Srik

30 minute Layover – XV (Mixtape)

Some think XV should have made XXL’s Freshman List the past two years, so my man put out this prelude to his next project Vizzy Zone to show you all why he should have been on that list! Download link below… Download – 30Minute Layover – XV

Medoz & Friends – DJ Medoz (Mixtape)

Homeboy Medoz came through with his latest full-length Mixtape mashing up different genres, from Hip Hop to Electro to Old School and more. Medoz & Friends 2010, check it out! Download – Medoz & Friends 2010 Mixtape

TMC Mixtape – DJ Medoz (Mixtape)

DJ Medoz from Top Money Crew (TMC)  hit us up with his latest club/party mix for Feb 2010. Look out for his Official Mixtape Medoz & Friends coming soon featuring Vandal. Download – TMC Mixtape – DJ Medoz

Finding Sense – Adam Nubian (Mixtape)

“Adam Nubian and Life Liquid fans… heres something for free.. nothing to pay at all… we felt selfish keeping the Finding Sense Mixtape to those who dont bootleg but u know the bizness is all about bootlegging right? <Download Here>

Coming Up In 09 – DJ Sav One & DJ Dyllemma (Mixtape)

DJ Dyllemma & I (DJ Sav One) put together over 65 tracks from some of our favorite MCs, who were either on the come-up or established MCs still putting out quality hip-hop in ’09. For the people who feel like there weren’t enough solid releases last year (I obviously disagree),[...]