The Move Mint


New Tunes – The Skool Of Two Swordz (Audio)

My man Lay Low just dropped an EP project Tha Down Low with The Skool Of Two Swordz outta Toronto, Canada. [bandcamp album=3546442644 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3] Hit the link to get your FREE Copy

Nomadic Injections – Shamik (Audio)

We sat down (over email) with Canadian Beatboxer Shamik to talk a little about his latest release “Nomadic Injections“.. Check our interview and below is a special treat from Shamik in the form of an MP3! 1. Shamik, welcome to The Movemint. Tell us about why you chose your title[...]

Gardiner Express – Circle Research (Video EPK)

My boys from Tdot are droppin’ their new album on Urbnet and passed along a short visual explaining what it’s all about.. Big Up to the Circle Research fam!

GODzillionaire Status – Unknown Mizery (Audio)

Peep the revolution right here people, Unknown Mizery drops his latest album GODzillionaire Status and it’s pure fire. On the lyrical strength he throws down some crater-type impacting delivery and powerful wordplay. Click the download link below for the full album. Download – GODzillionaire Status – Unknown Mizery

Digital Gravy (Tech)

Digital Gravy is an ongoing lively, spirited conversation and debate about digital lifestyle issues such as technology, media and media literacy, privacy, the latest in gadgets and gaming and everything else of interest to today’s digital nomadic warriors. Download – Digital Gravy (consumer rush)

5 Minutes Ago – Eternia (Video)

It’s video day! I was thinking about posting the “White guy raps in Tamil”… But not today.. It’s Eternia shine right here.. One of the dopest female emcees in the game reppin my home town. Brapppps!

Concrete Castle King – Humble (VIdeo)

Much love to Zoe at Afimearts for putting this together. Featuring Toronto Reggae artist Humble and going out to the people of Haiti in the aftermath of the recent earthquake. One Love!