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Em La Ngoi Sao – Wowy (Promo Vid)

Shout outs to my mam Wowy from Vietnam for linking with his latest cut. Spitting in his native tongue man my holds it down nicely over a fresh club banger. Check out more tunes from Wowy and his SouthGanz Crew.

Beijing’s Beatbox hit’s the BBC

The BBC recently did a feature on Liang Bo from Beijing who is one of a hundred Chinese Beatboxers.. Stumbled across it and thought since we’re rolling with the vocal kicks and snares of Shamik we’d drop this one on you.. If you wanna check out the article click here[...]

Odko VS DJ Chin – Mixtape 3 (Mixtape)

Fresh for 2010 comes the Mongolian Invasion. Odko and DJ Chin present Mixtape 3, not quite an original title, but non the less an interesting listen. My Mongolian isnt that great but for those who love the “Hip World Hip” you’ll appreciate that Hip Hop lives, even in Mongolia.. <Download[...]

Project EAR (Video)

I’m a bit late on this one, but here it is.. Project EAR representing South East Asian Hip Hop. Drop ya comments below aight!

Graff & Unite wrap up (Photos)

Just got these off  Facebook .. A little look into the Graff & Unite event that went down on Jan 2nd.. Sorry I couldnt make it out. Respects to District Gallery and all the writers who made this happen!

Fresh Tapes – MC Nucleo (Mixtape)

Malaysian MC Nucleo, based in Bandung has just released his latest offering. Fresh Tapes encircle various acts from around the globe namely USA, Holland, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and many more.. You can cop the mixtape in Malaysia now and soon to come in Indonesia. Click the photo to send[...]

Winter Sweet LP – Soft Lipa (Audio)

Smooth track & album by Taiwanese Rapper Soft Lipa, found this joint on Asian Rap Worldwide. Nuff respect! Winter Sweet – Full Album <Download Here>