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Walking (J. Period Remix) – Nneka (Audio/Video)

Took me a while to jump on this good music, so it’s time to share! Watch out for Nneka in 2010 people! Born in Nigeria, Nneka relocated some 10,000 miles to Hamburg, Germany, at the age of nineteen to pursue a career in singing along side a degree in Anthropology.[...]

Konvict Souljah – King Lhota (Video)

My man King Lhota has steady been putting in work and paying his dues. Based in KL, originally from Senegal the man is on a mission for 2010. Here’s a little something he put out last year prior to Akon’s concert in Sunway Lagoon. Get familiar – Lhota Radio

Taxi Wars – Cashless Society (Video)

Hey it looks like South Africa’s got problems with taxi’s as well… respect to Slesh for passing this one along.. it’s a few years old but I’m sure you’ll agree, a lot hasn’t changed!

African Swim (Audio)

A Collection of African Hip Hop from Adult Swim, somewhat commercial tracks but enjoyable for what they are. African Swim. <Download Here>

The Sequel – African Hip Hop (Mixtape)

Although this is over 4 months old, there’s no denying the fact that Africa is putting out some dope Hip Hop. Props to African Hip Hop.Com for making this happen and we hope to see another volume in the near future! But in the meantime, do enjoy this Mixtape featuring[...]

K’Naan x World Cup 2010 (Video)

Always gotta spread good music to the people. My man K’Naan is soon to be a household name with his Wavin’ Flag tune as the theme song for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa this year. He’s also got a dope video with the legendary Chubb Rock, The ABC’s.