The Move Mint


What do you get when you mix traveling, Hip Hop and an abundance of great ideas? The Urban Camper, Jason Schadt. With his unique approach to musical life Jason, better known as ‘Vandal’, has accomplished a great deal since finding his passion for Hip Hop during the dawn of the 90’s. As an intrepid traveler, drawing from his experiences as inspiration, Jason has developed a niche for himself amidst the monotony of generic artists in today’s oversaturated market. Considered a pioneer well ahead of his time, Jason AKA Vandal is now set to embark on a long awaited rebirth.

A graduate of the now-studied ‘Fresh Arts’ program and past participant of ‘Canada World Youth’, Jason holds deep roots in the community. Not only in his native Canada, his experience traveling to over 30 countries has culminated in the creation of his own company, Urban Camper Entertainment, established in 2001. Since it’s humble beginnings UCE has seen the release of Vandal’s acclaimed debut ‘The Nomadic Addict’, which had a #1 single (K.L.), landed him a distribution deal with EMI Malaysia, was voted a Top 10 album of 2003 by Eye Magazine’s Errol Nazareth in Toronto, an Asian Tour with DJ Dopey and produced 5 music videos. Vandal’s latest release, ‘The Rebirth of a Classic Obsession’, evolves into a complex disc and evokes images of the exotic and the familiar, illustrating cinematically the concept of Urban Camping. Continuously moving forward, Vandal is also preparing his 3rd solo effort as well as a group project with The Diplomats International in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Among Jason’s many notable achievements the one that stands out is opening up for Hip Hop Legend DJ Kool Herc. An experience he will never forget. Sharing the stage with DJ Cash Money, Blackalicious and The Herbalizer, Vandal has also appeared at the Singapore Street Festival and Pulp 0, Mongolia’s Tsagaan Sar Festival, The Java Jazz Festival, Laundry Music Vol. 1 in Malaysia and NXNE, Style In Progress, 416, CMW, One Up and Hype in Canada to name a few. Featuring on numerous compilations, Vandal is always open for collaboration. He has worked with Symbolik Music Crew, Cryptik Souls, Moonstarr, Masia One, Sabotawj, r-H, All Good Funk Alliance, Soulville Academy, Rephrase, Soul I.D, Saykoji, Yin Tsang, Too Phat, Teh Tarik Crew and many more. His featuring on Pop Shuvit’s ‘Journey’ led to the track being voted #1 Song in Malaysia in 2006. A winner of 2 Innoversity pitches, Jason has also produced content for CBC radio and music for 2 acclaimed documentaries showcasing his diversity as a producer. Through current initiatives, Jason hopes to educate people around the world as well as learn from them, to share common passions and establish a network to allow others to take a bigger step into the world. A step that will also lead to the release of more music and the opening of many more doors.