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The MoveMint

In a time where the music industry is in a constant state of flux and technology has lead to an explosion of questionable content, we stand at the cross roads of a major shift in how we view the art and entertainment we consume.

Enter The MoveMint. Doing away with the traditional formula and balking at trends, we know the risks we take by being a leader will inevitably lead to us attracting more followers. Delivering fresh concepts and ideas is really what sets us apart from the rest, making The MoveMint a proven alternative

The MoveMint is the community in action. Where some seek to exploit the fruits of the community our attention is on building and nurturing, committing to long-term investment in people and the culture they create. Our foundation is strengthened through trust and mutual respect, inspiring creativity and instilling positive values and faith in people in the midst of the chaos surrounding us today.

Our Events are always filled with exciting and dynamic content

Our Artists continue to show how unique and original they can be

Our Community is proud to show their support

But above all else, The MoveMint is dedicated to being different and at the same time successful, and we are excited to let you in on our little secret…

The Alternative Just Got Better!

Here are a few examples of the Events we do:

  • TYGS – Think You Got Skillz? Malaysia’s first monthly Rap Battle and Hip Hop Showcase
  • The Beat Meet – Celebrating the diverse sounds of Malaysia’s Top Producers in competition
  • Ladies First – An all female music and dance experience
  • Cypher Sundaze – Open mic concept gathering for the Hip Hop community + BBQ

The MoveMint is not solely focused on events. We provide artist management and booking, studio engineering, production and recording, voice over talent, strategic and conceptual consulting and unique content in all areas of arts and entertainment.

The MoveMint is extremely active Online, with a blog that supports the community by posting new music, events, videos and other content related to sustaining and developing local and international talents.

Our Facebook community is growing by leaps and bounds and is truly a great way to interact with our key audience and target market. Watch us grow and excel at

Welcome to The MoveMint!

The MoveMint is home to:

Think You Got Skillz? (TYGS), Ladies First, The Beat Meet, Cypher Sundaze and Skool Of Rap.

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